EggsOne for the memory books.  Lately Badger’s been sharing her meals with me — holding out a bit of (hopefully not too pre-chewed) food from her plate to me, and announcing “nummy!”  This means I am to eat it from her hand, baby bird-style. Grabbing with my own hand is not acceptable.  Refusing is Right Out, unless listening to her say “nummy! Nummy!  Nummy?  Nummy?  Nummy?” for 10 minutes feels like a better alternative.

I realize that many people would find this a little — gross.  But my feeling is that there is a Continuum of Grossness with children, with, say, a smidge of infant spit-up on one end, and poop in the bathtub at the other.  I would put “nummy!”s at around a three.

This is probably as good a place as any to mention that we are old-hand  baby-led weaners (weaners, heh heh), so if it seems weird that she’s sitting up at the table, eating off a plate and was provided with a fork (not that she’s using it, mind you) that’s why.  It’s worked fantastically for us and I highly recommend it to lazy parents everywhere.

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2 Responses to Nummy!

  1. joszefja says:

    Gosh, thanks! 🙂 Love your blog and am jealous of your weaving; it looks so meditative and rewarding. Thanks for stopping by!

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