What Am I Doing Here: The Physical Location Edition

Our Nation's CapitalThe view from my window.  It helps to take my mind off the fact that the air conditioner is apparently decorative and the toilet doesn’t flush without constant plunging.

My adult life has basically been a long list of “if you told me X years ago I’d be doing Y right now, I wouldn’t believe you”s, but if you told me even six months ago I’d be living in Arlington, Virginia I would have laughed at you.  Will I ever learn?  No.

It’s been challenging to say the least, learning to navigate the Big City with a toddler.  My own natural inclination to stay at home all day (and Badger’s stroller intolerance) doesn’t help.  But the weather has been fantastic lately, in that small window between winter’s rains and summer’s 120% humidity around here so we’re taking advantage and getting out.  We’re finding new parks and meeting other kids — yesterday I met a mom with a 4-year-old and 2-year-old TRIPLETS.  I was totally in awe of her, but I have to say if you want to know where to find every last thing you can do to entertain a toddler in your neighborhood (on the cheap, no less!), ask the lady with 4 under 4.  She was a treasure trove of information.

Still, it’s hard (whines the lady with one über-laid-back kid).  I would give anything to have someplace to go with a play structure or something, where I could get a coffee and Badger could get anything besides chicken nuggets, where she could run around like a maniac without me being 3 feet behind her and I could talk to someone about something other than my delightful child for a while.

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