What I Did in the Before Time

I am not a young mother — let’s leave it at that.  Badger is only 17 months old, and yet it somehow comes as a shock now to remember that there was a time — a long time — when I did not have a child.   When I went to work and received money, went to restaurants that did not serve food within 5 minutes of ordering, decided in a moment I’d like to go to the grocery store or for a walk or visit a friend or take a nap.  When I could stay home sick.  When I had hobbies.

For example, I used to knit.  A lot.  I loved it and I was really good at it, too.  That may sound a little conceited, but you’ll have to trust me.  I rocked short rows, mastered intarsia and feared not the Kitchener Stitch.  I knit Dale of Norways (Dales of Norway?) — more than one, and with steeks, too.

Since having Badger, I have finished exactly two projects — a very basic baby sweater for a friend, and this adorable Stella Pixie hat for my neighbor:

Stella Pixie

(It was cuter on the newborn it was intended for than on Badger’s >99% toddler head.)

I have a baby blanket on my needles that I could have knit in two days in my pre-mommyhood life that’s been sitting forlornly for months, getting a row here and a row there: Seed Stitch Baby Blanket

while the unborn baby it was intended for gets up and crawls away.

This makes me sad — oh, not sad really.  Wistful.  I love knitting.  I love making complicated, beautiful things.  My Ravelry queue is full of soft toys, kids’ Dales, thread crochet tablecloths and wedding ring shawls (as if).  But with a mile-a-minute, gentle-is-not-in-my-vocabulary, “hey what’s that let me yank on it and run away” toddler on the loose, it seems impossible to find the time to really concentrate on a pattern and get into that zone where the stitches just pour out.  But lately I think maybe I’m making excuses and blaming Badger for my own intertia — she needs to learn to be respectful of SOMETHING, and I think it’s good for her to see me making things with my hands.  So I’m going to start this adorable soft elephant from Ravelry.  Elephante, by Susan B. Anderson from Ravelry.com

Wish me luck!

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