Blogs I Love — Dinner: A Love Story

In the age of RSS, it is really easy to follow blogs — paste the feed into Google Reader and hey presto.  In one way it’s wonderful; it makes it so much easier to follow those pages you gave up on because in that first flush of blog-love you’d check back on them every day, then every other day, then finally once a week and there still wouldn’t be anything new (the late, lamented Achewood springs to mind).

But the flip side is — it’s really easy to follow blogs.  I have dozens in my Google Reader, and if I’m being honest, most of them I skim right past.  There are only a handful that I’m always excited to see poke their heads up, and I think my very favorite is Dinner: A Love Story.

If you prepare meals for children, if you enjoy food and cooking, if you’re a believer in the family table, and you enjoy reading about real people and their real lives, this blog is an absolute must read.  It’s filled with recipes that are actually quick and easy (i.e., the ‘short, simple’ ingredient list does not include “3 pounds mixed vegetables, minced” and they don’t make you dirty 4 pans that don’t fit in the dishwasher) and that children may actually eat*.  Today (just as a for example), the story is how to turn basic grilled vegetables into a whole meal by adding grilled haloumi cheese and a quick sauce — “Grilled Cheese” to suck the kids in.  I don’t even have a grill here, but I still want to make it.  As a person who knows how to cook but who is absolutely crushed under the weight of having to prepare (or at least order for delivery) three squares (plus snacks),, this blog is a refreshing reminder that mindfully giving food to your family can be a rewarding (really!) act of love.

It’s not just a collection of recipes, though.  The authors (a wife and husband team with two small daughters) really make you WANT to cook, day in and day out, for your family — to experience the satisfaction (and accept the occasional bitter disappointment) that comes from truly relishing food, embracing the act of choosing and preparing food, and sharing it with your children.  Also, they’re really funny.

*Caveat: Badger eats anything.  Anything.  Including brussels sprouts, tandoori chicken, newspaper, Poly-fil and bubble solution.  So I’m not the best judge of what, exactly, children will eat.

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