My Baby the Rocket Scientist: Athletics Division

Badger Yogurthands

Yesterday was Badger’s first trip to the swimming pool.  Those of you who know her will be shocked -SHOCKED!- to learn that she just marched into the pool (she even said “march, march” at one point) up to her chin and was only momentarily and mildly discomfited by the whole face-underwater experience.  She had a huge grin the whole time, and said “baby water, mommy water” over and over again.

I tried a bit to teach her floating, kicking, etc. but she just kept walking around, looking for the path that went deeper into the pool but didn’t get water up her nose.  I think she thinks she’ll just waddle underwater to Australia if need be.  A good time was had by all.

Hopefully we’ll have swimming photos soon but I only have the two hands and frankly I’m not sure three would be enough — so for now, here’s a “swimming in breakfast” photo.

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