Baby Led Weaning: The Lazy Mom’s Dream

I don’t encounter a lot of other moms, either in the world or online, but it seems like lately I keep running across people talking about starting solids.  I’ve seen plenty of books about how to make your own purees (all-natural organic free-trade free-range non-GMO, natch), and recently ran across a website telling you how to make your own brown rice cereal, which, frankly, not to break out the hyperbolic bazooka or anything,  is the single most ridiculous thing I’ve ever heard of.  But I still hear almost nothing about baby led weaning.

So in case you’re considering it but it seems confusing or hard OMG IT’S SOOOOOO NOT!! Sorry for shouting, but I feel very strongly about this and as a person who feels very strongly about almost nothing this should carry some weight.  Baby led weaning means one very simple thing: you cook ONE MEAL.  You serve it to whomever is around to eat it (this includes you).  Everyone sits down and eats it (or doesn’t eat it, if they don’t feel like it).  That is all.

Still not convinced?  Here is what we (Badger and I; Long-Suffering Husband was working lare) ate for dinner last night:

BeforePlease do not mock my plating skills.

This is Warm Lentil Salad with Beets (Trader Joe’s precooked lentils and beets, tossed in bottled vinaigrette and warmed up in a saucepan), Sautéed Asparagus in Herb Oil (asparagus, olive oil, salt and some Trader Joe’s Everyday Seasoning (sensing a theme here?)), and watermelon (pre-cut from you-know-where).  Two dirty pots, 5-ish ingredients and around 20 minutes from opening the refrigerator door to sitting down.

Pictured is Badger’s plate.  The only difference from what I ate is that I pulled the beets out and set them to the side so I could tell her what they were, and I cut the melon into smaller pieces.  Oh, and a finger of So Delicious Coconut Milk Drink because she often becomes fascinated by the bottom of her cup before she’s drunk what’s in it, and dairy disagrees with her.


Here’s the aftermath.  She made an effort with the asparagus but not much went down, didn’t even really try with the beets (I mashed them with a fork to see if a different presentation would help but no sale) and the lentils that you see there are the remainder of a second helping — she demolished the first pile.  She also had more melon and probably three fingers of “cocky-mick”.  All this happened while I was sitting, eating my own dinner.

Please note that although Badger is nearly 18 months old, this whole meal would be perfectly appropriate for a 6-month-old (other than being perhaps a bit on the salty side; easily repaired by not cooking with salt and salting at the table if you choose).

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