The Week in Badger

Stuff She Said:

  • “Whoo-hoo! An Wolive!” and did a fantastic happy dance, absolutely not listening as I tried to explain to her that olives are a treat food and she can only have a few.
  • “I darked it!” = turned off the light switch in the bathroom.
  • “Chickum boom boom!”

Stuff She Did:

  • Climbed up the slide, slid down and got off all by herself (with me hovering not-t00-noticeably, I hope, behind).
  • Completely mastered opening a ziploc bag and reaching in to get a handful of crackers.  Still beginner/intermediate at not spilling the rest of the bag onto the floor.

Stuff She Likes:

Child Labor

Stickers.  Her new broom.  Olives. Peppa Pig.

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