I know I’ve been neglectful — a combo of baby sleep issues, Long Suffering Husband being out of town, and general meh.  Also I’ve discovered Pinterest, and am now obsessively following the blog trails of every craft, decorating and gardening blog on earth so that I can pin them.  Follow me and repin something; it makes me feel cool.

Also, today I learned there is no point in trying to be a funny Mommy blogger, because Rants from Mommyland is so, so much funnier and truer and more awesome than anything I could possibly hope to write that at the moment I give up.  OMG I peed my pants at this and this and this, and those are like the only three posts I read.  One of the writers lives down the road in Alexandria and I’m kind of hoping she’ll see this track-back and be all, “hey, you seem alright do you wanna hang out and maybe be BFFs forever and ever?”

Sorry, I’m gushing.

In other news, cute baby:

I have a *thing* about putting bows in little girls’ hair when they haven’t hardly even got any, just so that strangers can tell at 100 yards that they’re female, in case the pink and the dress didn’t tip them off.  And don’t get me started on those headbands with the giant silk flowers that people slap onto newborns.  But Badger’s bangs were getting totally out of hand, and it was barrettes or a trim and I’m a path of least resistance type.  I was thinking one small barrette to hold her bangs out of her eyes, but of course she had to try them all on, then pull them all out, then put them all back in again, etc. etc.

Happy Tuesday, everyone.

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