Washington DC: Places not to go with your toddler

It has been absolutely beautiful weather here lately — I’m sure it’ll horrible up in time for the Fourth, but we’re basically ignoring that so whatever (see my new secret crushes here for an hilarious explanation).  So yesterday I decided we would get out and about, and see the sights.  My original intent was to hit the Smithsonian — I needed some cool presents and there is no better place in America to buy awesome gifts than the Smithsonian gift shops.  But I realized my go-getter-ness was putting us on a subway to Washington DC at rush hour, so I changed course at the last minute and diverted to:

According to Badger, this is a cow.Theodore Roosevelt Island.  Let me just say that this is a jewel of a park; like a little piece of “real” National Park right in the heart of Washington DC and a 15-minute walk from our apartment.  It is quiet (other than the every-two-minute-exactly jet flyover that’s just background noise here in Rosslyn), thickly wooded, and full of actual wildlife — not just squirrels and pigeons! — as evidenced by this deer that was just standing there by the trail.  There is also what seems like probably a nice fountain area, but it’s all under construction right now.Unrealistic depiction of a child not screaming her guts out.

However, you would think Teddy Roosevelt shot Badger’s pet mountain lion the way she’s carried on the two times we’ve been there — absolute freak-out fits.  I dunno; maybe she hates nature.  If so, going back to Idaho is going
to be a rough gig for her.  I also hesitate to recommend it for normal, non-Teddy-Roosevelt-hating toddlers because it’s quite wild — there were lots of stinging nettles and blackberries right near the trail, the trails are narrow and the underbrush is thick.  Pretty unpleasant for a kid at the tear-around-and-holler phase, although the fountain area has stairs and benches to climb, which are big attractions for Badger normally.

She fell asleep in the stroller on the way back toward home and I decided to forge ahead with my Smithsonian plan, which was of course moronic but sometimes I just get an idea in my head, you know?  So — onward to the Air and Space Museum!Poosh a button!

This was more her speed — nothing was particularly not-touchable.  Plus, we got there early enough that the crowds weren’t insane.Aaaaaand she's off!Sure, let's put our mouths on America's handrail.

But the fun didn’t last long — another proto-tantrum when I tried to keep her from crawling under an exhibit and time to go home.

I’ve only been to Air and Space and American History with Badger.  They’re both set up so that little ones can’t really wreck anything, but there’s nothing too exciting for them, either.  Lots of things for them to climb (even if technically they probably shouldn’t).  I expect Natural History might be slightly more interesting, but I know it’s always the biggest zoo of humanity of all the museums so I haven’t dared yet.

And back home by 11:30 and a whole afternoon still left to fill.  Thankfully, she still occasionally two-naps.Sleepy Baby.

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