Three Baby Jokes

Badger (to Daddy): “Mik-a-mik*?”
Daddy: “I don’t HAVE any mik-a-mik!”
Badger: (gales of laughter)

The Setup: A complete set of Wonder Pets Beanie Babies† plus “Ollie” (a random stuffed bunny) arrayed on the kitchen table at lunch††.
Badger: “Ming-Ming!”
Ming-Ming approaches Badger.  Badger pokes her in the face with a fork.
Ming-Ming: “Ow!  You poked me in the face with a fork!”
Badger: Extreme, snorting, hiccuping gales of laughter. “Tuck!”
(Repeat with Tuck, Linny, and Ollie for what feels like 40 minutes)

Badger (to Mommy): “Peppa Pony?”
Mommy: “I don’t HAVE any pepperoni!”**
Badger: (gales of laughter)

*Breast milk.
†Don’t judge me.
††I said don’t judge me.
**She’s had pepperoni, like, twice.  I have no idea where this fascination with pepperoni comes from.

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