Nothing Ever Goes Quite As Planned

I’m thinking I’ll start having all my post titles be quotes from 80s songs.  Vague, could-be-anything, not-particularly-witty-or-clever quotes from obscure, deep-tracks 80s songs.  I’m blithering, aren’t I? — sorry; some babies woke up at about 3 AM and although they went back to sleep easily, some mommies did not.  Yawn.

Anyway, our play date is the thing which did not go as planned — we showed up, but there were approximately a billion kids and parents there and I was not about to walk up to everyone I saw and say “hi, are you with, oh, whatsername’s group from the Internet?” because of course in all my preparations I forgot to recall the name of the organizer.  Sigh.

But we had a good time anyway — it was at Hayes Park which is FANTASTIC, our best yet.  There was a sprinkler bit that was wonderful, several different play structures including an awesome sandbox area that we studiously avoided since Badger was all wet from the sprinklers, this thing which was the best.thing.ever until it very suddenly was NOT, and a wide selection of her current all-time favorite:


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