Practically Instant Dairy-Free Edible Fingerpaint

So, I mentioned earlier that Badger and regular fingerpaint didn’t get along too well.  And I kept seeing recipes for edible fingerpaint on Pinterest, but they were all basically vanilla pudding with food coloring in them — no good for my dairy-free baby.  But this evening it came to me in a lightning bolt of inspiration: soy yogurt and food coloring!  Quick, somebody Pin me and make me (and Badger and my [mercifully off this time] TV) famous!Fingerpainting

Seriously, this is just soy yogurt with a drop of food coloring.  If we did this a lot, I would probably look into some natural food coloring since I’m a little itchy about using tons of regular food dyes.  And I regard it as more of a toy-of-the-moment than a medium for archival-quality art — I’m just not sure about keeping bits of dried yogurt around the house (on purpose; I’m not going to tell you that my home is 100% dried-yogurt-free).  Regardless, it was very popular with my baby who’s still more interested in cramming stuff into her mouth than creating art.

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