OMG, why didn’t anyone tell me how much kids love stickers?  All day it’s “sickers, sickers, sickers, YAY!” around here.

And if there’s one word I hear more than “sickers” it’s “sickertoe”, which means “I have a sticker stuck to me” (sometimes on a toe but not necessarily).  Sickertoe is an ailment we are all suffering from terribly around here, and you don’t really know how dirty your floors (and child) are until the drifts of abandoned stickers start piling up and you notice why they’re not sticky anymore.  Bleurgh.

We're looking at the stickers here.  Not the state of my home/child.*

Which is why I’ve become a huge fan of vinyl stickers.  No stickum, so no worries about stickers sticking where they shouldn’t be stuck (or becoming un-stuck, which of course is a tantruming offense around here).  We have a huge, rather creepy floor-to-ceiling mirror in our apartment which is the perfect site for vinyl stickers, but they stick to a surprising number of surfaces (the fridge, the shower doors, semi-gloss paint, IKEA coffee tables, the TV).  They’re sturdier than paper stickers (tearing is another tantruming offense).  And for the extra-frugal among you, you could cadge a big sheet of window cling vinyl from your local fast food joint once their promo of the moment is over and cut shapes from it.

*I’ve been sitting on this post until  I could get a picture with a clean mirror or at least a shirted baby, but the way the weather has been it’ll be Christmas before she’s fully dressed in the house again.  And cleaning a floor-to-ceiling mirror in an apartment with a 19-month-old with a sticker fetish is like trying to sweep the beach.

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One Response to Sickers!!!

  1. turtleturtleturtle says:

    Stickers are indeed an awesome parenting tool. My fella loves peeling them more than anything, although he is going through a phase where he won’t actually stick them anywhere, in case it’s the “wrong” spot. Sigh.

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