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Argh ugh meh snort cough whine sigh.  Less than a week until our trip to Idaho and we’re all sick as dogs over here, me the most.  Badger got a cold, then I got shingles, then *I* got the cold … Continue reading

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I am a Nerd, Part One of ∞: Postcrossing

I probably mentioned already that I’m a nerd — well, really more of a dork, since nerd implies a technological bent that I really don’t have.  I just like dopey things.  And not even canonical dopey things, like vampires* or … Continue reading

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Badger is an early talker, which we’re of course inordinately proud of even though I know for a fact I didn’t do one thing to encourage it and have nothing to be proud of.  This is awesome and everything, but … Continue reading

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I haven’t been feeling very bloggy lately.  Things are settling into something like a rhythm (just in time to be shattered by our upcoming trip to Idaho, of course), we get up, we do what we do, we eat food, … Continue reading

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