Badger is an early talker, which we’re of course inordinately proud of even though I know for a fact I didn’t do one thing to encourage it and have nothing to be proud of.  This is awesome and everything, but with her being such a bizarrely precise and effective communicator, it means that she has very few “oh, how cute” mispronunciations.  This is a child whose “caterpillar” has all four requisite syllables* and when she’s dropped something from the high chair, says “Uh oh!  Where the <thing> go?  There it is!”  like a tiny little high-pitched Sir Laurence Olivier.**  Frankly, it’s a little creepy.

But she does have a few adorable Badgerisms, which I record here for posterity.

Pylow: pillow.  This is tenacious; most of the time if she does make a mistake she corrects herself within a week or so, but she has said pylow for months now.

Bundy, hop hop: bunny.  I think this is my favorite.

Uhfut: Elephant.  This one I think is sheer laziness; she can say kangaroo, polar bear and see above re: caterpillar.

Meeno: This word means a lot of different things: mail, tomato, little man (the plastic people who came with her bathtub boats)

She’s good with animal sounds, but fish make a soundless tongue-sticking-in-and-out “noise”.  I told her fish say “blub blub”, so I dunno where her version comes from.

Wadkaaay: Rice cake (a delighted shout, elongated at the end, as if it were birthday cake: WADkaaaaaaaaay!).  This one is already fading and is now more like ride cate.


*Speaking of caterpillars, she also knows the difference between the word “pupa” and it’s comedy alternate “poopa”.  We thank television for this.

**I know this doesn’t make any sense, but I couldn’t think of someone who is famous for speaking really precisely.  Sorry, I choked.

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2 Responses to Mispronunciations

  1. Katherine AKA Psychomummy on BLW forum says:

    I love “Meeno” – kind of like, thingie but a bit better!

    My sister and I had made up words when we were small – mine was “poisey” which was, very specifically, the little cluster of bubbles in the centre of a whirling cup of liquid – “Let me stir the soup and make it poisey, Mummy” (Any liquid can be poisey but it was mostly bath water or juice back in those days…)

    My sister’s was a little more simple – “malda” plural: “maldas” basically meaning crumbs, usually of toast or biscuit, but unlike mere crumbs, they had social hierarchy. A particularly big crumb was a “King Malda”

    Yes, we are completely normal……;-P

    • joszefja says:

      Love those words! Kids are so inventive; it’s like there’s a whole ‘nother world in their heads. What gets me wondering is if she thinks that all the “meeno” words sound similar, or if they have some other set of qualities that seem similar? It’s a jungle in those heads. 🙂

      (Sorry it took so long to approve your comment, BTW; we’re sick as very sick people over here…)

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