I am a Nerd, Part One of ∞: Postcrossing

I probably mentioned already that I’m a nerd — well, really more of a dork, since nerd implies a technological bent that I really don’t have.  I just like dopey things.  And not even canonical dopey things, like vampires* or anime** or Ren Faires***, but totally random stuff like kitchen appliances and composting and penpals.  Which is why I love Postcrossing.

Postcrossing is pretty simple: you get an address to send a postcard to.  When it arrives, the recipient registers it, and then someone else sends a postcard to you.   I love getting a glimpse into the everyday lives of people all over the world, and I also nerd out over my stats (I’ve sent to 35 different countries, I’m the 1648th-ranked Postcrosser in the US [by number sent], and I just recently passed the 1-million kilometer sent mark — whoo hoo!).  It’s fun to pick out the postcards and stamps (lots of people have ‘requests’ that you can try to match), and as an added bonus the ones that are Badger-recognizable (the yellow card is Miffy!) turned into an educational toy:

My Little Future Philatelist

Badger’s fine motor skills aren’t fantastic (she has just recently figured out that MegaBloks aren’t just for throwing), but she gets a surprising amount of that Montessori-style “child at work” time out of taking them out and putting them back into a postcard-sized box.

*Other than my abiding adoration of Buffy/Angel and my secret guilty pleasure, True Blood.

**Still mad that they cancelled Sailor Moon.

***…nope.  The Venn Diagram of me and Ren Faires only intersect at liking turkey legs.

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