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Day Two: It Begins

Note: I may have inadvertently suggested yesterday that I thought I was funny, and that I might be funny in upcoming blog posts.  That was erroneous.   So, kids’ shows.  What’s up with those? I’ve mentioned that Badger watches a … Continue reading

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Day One: A Terrible Idea

So, I’ve been reading this guy’s (hilarious) blog* (seriously, it’s awesome — read this and this and this) and I’m sort of taken with his “post a day” thing.  Actually, I’m lying already.  What I really think is He’s pretty … Continue reading

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Olives Pickle

“Olives pickle?” “Well, I’m making your lunch right now, we’ll have it in a sec.” “Want some olives pickle.” Sigh. “Okay, you can have some with your lunch.” “Want some!” “Yes, in a minute.” “O-lives pick-le, o-lives pick-le, o-lives pick-le” … Continue reading

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Standards…. Dropping…

I hate the waste of those tiny packages of crackers/cookies, but as I’m making half a dozen ziploc bags full of various snacks (because of course you can’t combine them, that’s a “no-no-no-no-no no bears want gofish” moment) while a … Continue reading

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