Day One: A Terrible Idea

So, I’ve been reading this guy’s (hilarious) blog* (seriously, it’s awesome — read this and this and this) and I’m sort of taken with his “post a day” thing.  Actually, I’m lying already.  What I really think is

  1. He’s pretty funny but I think I could be just as funny.
  2. I’m an obsessive type who hears “once a day for a year” like a crack addict hears “look!  Some crack!”**
  3. Lately I’m spending upwards of three hours a day sitting here with a toddler on my lap, following a trail of YouTube videos that starts with Elmo, and ends with something like this, so I have plenty of time for it.

Just so everyone’s prepared, expect about 90% of these posts to be snarky “worst.episode.ever”-type posts about continuity errors in various Nick Jr. shows.

Let’s go ahead and put the over/under on four days, and let ‘er rip!

*Those two extra hits?  You’re welcome, guy.
**See?  I’m a friggin’ comedy genius.

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