Day Three: No, I’m Not Already Regretting This Idea

I probably should have come up with a list of topics or something before I started doing this.  I’m already at the bottom of the barrel.

We’re moving in two weeks.  If I seem blasé about this, I’m not exactly.  But this will be the 12th move in the 15 years my husband and I have been together — including three moves in the nine months I was pregnant with Badger (there’s some topics for the list: the house we lived in for 3 months that had six bedrooms and we never even went downstairs.  The apartment we lived in for 6 months down the street from Frat Row that reeked of cigarette smoke and got up to 110 degrees.  The house we lived in for 3 months that reeked of cat piss, was clearly sinking off its foundation and had apparently been decorated by someone who didn’t know that you probably shouldn’t paint the exterior and interior walls, floors, and the inside of the kitchen sink (!) with the same latex semi-gloss, and was drunk most of the time.  Or possibly had some kind of palsy, in which case I feel a little bad.)

So, this move isn’t that big of a deal.  We’re living in a furnished apartment, so my only real issues are 1) getting rid of everything that won’t fit in our station wagon and 2) packing and cleaning with a toddler hanging around unpacking and uncleaning everything.  There’s also the specter of the cross-country flight alone with said toddler hanging over my head, but BTDT.  Besides, if I think too far down the line (getting everything cleaned and packed and sold and given and thrown away; Badger’s birthday; flying cross-country the next day; arriving home to an empty house in BFE in the middle of winter while Husband drives alone cross-country in a station wagon packed to the rafters and hopefully arrives two days before Christmas; the whole Christmas thing) I’ll obviously get all fetal and we can’t have that.

So for the moment I’m letting the bears pay the bear tax (there’s another topic for another day: quotes from TV shows and movies that get used in our family as well-understood between us, but otherwise totally opaque, aphorisms).  In 16 days I’ll be on a plane.  And it will be fine.

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