Day Seven: Repetition

You know how on some TV shows (I’m thinking of Family Guy in particular), they’ll repeat something over and over and over and over and over and eventually just the sheer repetition makes you laugh?  That never works on me — it just gets more and more irritating.   I’m not saying I’m some high brow comedy fan; Always Sunny makes me pee laughing.   And I laugh every time the baby farts.  It’s just that that particular gag does nothing for me.

Which is why I love having a toddler; they NEVER say the same thing ten thousand times in three minutes, just altering the inflection or words or timing slightly enough that it never becomes repetitious enough to tune out.  Badger is in a huge phase of this right now and I’m sure she knows that I’m weak to this attack.  She doesn’t even give me a chance to respond; it’s just “chocwat cookie?  Chocwat co0kie? Chocwat co0-kie? Choc-a-wat co-o-kie? Chocwatcookiechocwatcookiechocwatcookie CHOC-WAT COO-KIE!!!”

It’s like a ice pick gently separating the lobes of my brain responsible for rational and considered decisions based upon the merits of the request.  I’m like a deer in headlights, trapped between a knee jerk ‘no’ and a browbeaten ‘okay, fine, whatever, let’s go get the mail wearing rain boots and no pants, I don’t care anymore’.

This morning when she woke up, she said “Hiii Mommy!  I so much luff you!”  Having a kid is pretty awesome.

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