Day Nine: Dr. Jekyll and Mrs. Claus

I have the most conflicted feelings about Christmas.  On the one hand I ♥LOVE♥ the Christmas season.  I have a well-tuned Pandora Christmas music station I start listening to immediately after Halloween.  I love the smells of Christmas — pine, peppermint, citrus, cinnamon and cloves, wrapping paper.  I love all the food (although that’s true of all the holidays).  I love decorating — making paper chains and popcorn strings blisses me out like some kind of crafty Vicodin, and frankly Pinterest should be a controlled substance this time of year.  Green and white and red are the best color combo, all-time.  Christmas lights could make a pile of dog crap look pretty.  And snow is AWESOME (as long as you have all-wheel drive and snow tires).

On the other hand, I get the worst present stress.  I never have any idea what to get anyone, and as soon as I start thinking about it, my brain does that “lalalala” thing and I wander off to sort the Duplo by color or play Zuma Blitz.  My husband, on the other hand, is completely unperturbed and happily does all his shopping at those calendar-and-Shamwow stands at the mall on December 23.  So I end up at tagging along with my husband, buying pooping reindeer and novelty board games because I physically could not point my brain at “Christmas presents” as a concept, all the while kicking and stomping at the ridiculous waste of money and plastic and all that other Save the Earth crap that doesn’t bother me when I’m using diaper wipes and Ziploc bags but suddenly turns me into Greenie the Hippy Grinch, while my husband is trying to have a nice time picking out things he thinks his family will like.

However, the balance definitely tips in the pro-Christmas direction when you have a kid.  Badger is still a bit too young to get the whole Santa/presents thing, but she is so wide-eyed and wonderstruck by everything.  I just never registered how much Christmas stuff is everywhere until I started going places with her.  And even the tackiest battery-operated dancing Santas and life-size inflatable Precious Moments nativity scenes are magical when you see them through a two-year-old’s eyes.

Seriously though — what am I gonna get for my mother-in-law?

Not quite finished but have to throw in a “Badger said”: She’s watching videos while I’m writing and just broke out laughing and said “Peppa Pig is loud and funny.”  Maybe you had to be there.

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