Day Eleven: Things I Like That Are Terrible

Although my “writer’s voice” (gag) tends toward self-deprecating, I often fight a subconscious impulse to make myself seem smarter, classier, and more of a Gwyneth than I actually am.  In order to beat down this tendency, I hereby present a list of fourteen terrible things that I really, really like.

  1. Neil Diamond
  2. Flavored non-dairy coffee creamer
  3. Hugh Grant
  4. The Carpenters
  5. Unnatural-colored fake Christmas trees (pink and silver are the best)
  6. MacDonald’s
  7. Gordon Ramsay
  8. Cheetos
  9. Forensics/autopsy shows (the true-life ones, not CSI and it’s Duggar-like brood of offspring)
  10. TV shows about people with terrible medical problems
  11. Eurotrip
  12. Highly processed pork products (bologna,  scrapple, Slim Jims, Spam)
  13. Elastic waist pants
  14. The Black Eyed Peas

So now you know what kind of sick monster you’re dealing with.

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2 Responses to Day Eleven: Things I Like That Are Terrible

  1. A Frog at Large says:

    Ah you made me laugh. Yes, you should be ashamed of yourself, EUROTRIP??

    • You’re just mad because of all those things Vinnie Jones said about the French. 😉 I learned almost all the French I know from Eurotrip (and my grandmother taught high school French for 20 years).

      “vous n’êtes pas un robot vraiment.”


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