Day Twelve: A Thing I Like That Isn’t Terrible

Since my “readership” (snort) seems to consist entirely of busy Mommy Commonwealthers (is that a word?) and my mom, I don’t know that this post will appeal to any of them.  But it’s Saturday and my camera is kind of broken* so I’m instituting Things I Like Saturdays.  So, my mommy friends (and anyone else if you’re out there), if you find yourself with 50 or so spare hours to read a web comic, this is the one to read:

Philippe is standing on it.

(Dear Mr. Onstad, if it is wrong for me to post this on my I-think-maybe-5-people-read-it blog, let me know and I will take it down and probably secretly print out your cease-and-desist email and put it in my “brushes with famous people” box)

If the above seems odd but intriguing, click on it then keep clicking. You won’t regret it.  And if you’re a fiction writer, I really think it’s worth your time to read Achewood.  To my mind there is no one better at elegant, unobtrusive character development and absolutely pitch-perfect dialogue than Chris Onstad.  The characters make Achewood — and they are the most multi-layered and believable characters I’ve ever read.**  Even if they are cats and stuffed animals, mostly.

As a (sort of) fiction writer, I could cry with how effortless he makes it seem. I’m great at settings and I am FANTASTIC (she says modestly) at coming up with clever ideas to build stories around.  But my characters clomp around on my wonderland-like scenes through my page-turning plots like identical clothespin dolls with name tags and different hats.  “Hi, I’m Suzy!” “Hi Suzy, I’m Ralph!  Want to have an adventure?” “Sure, that sounds fun!”

Sigh.  Anyway, Achewood is great.

*Mostly it’s just lost. See how I LIE?
**Yes, I’ve read real books. With covers and everything.

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