Day Sixteen: OH CRAP

Wow, yesterday’s post comes off like I have kind of a rage problem, don’t I?  Eep.  I think I’m pretty mellow, generally — let’s just chalk it up to an unusual number of stressors and find a slightly calmer subject for today.

I feel like I’m doing pretty well in the whole moving/birthday/Christmas race, actually.  Badger’s birthday is sorted; I just need to buy the cupcakes (yes, bought cupcakes — you try having a two-year-old’s birthday 24 hours before you’re supposed to be moved out of an apartment*) and wrap the presents.  I’ve bought the major Christmas presents and had them shipped to Idaho.  I’ve done basically all the packing that can be done before I start packing things that we actually use every day.  I’ve even started a bit of cleaning, which I usually leave until one heart-pounding OMGOMGOMG rush on the last day.


I was going to explain how I’ve been meditating and surely that’s the reason that I’m so cool but clearly it’s because I’m delusional.  Excuse me while I go make lists clean furiously pack curl up in a fetal ball.

*Like otherwise I’d totally be ‘Pillsbury Bake-Off’ing it.  Can anyone say Betty Crocker in a box?

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