Day Eighteen: Happy Birthday

It occurs to me that lately this seems to have morphed from a Mommy Blog into a “rant about things I didn’t even know I was mad about” blog (seriously, who sneers at Band-Aid?  High five for so cleverly and roundly beating a 25-years dead horse who helped starving children, me!).  And while it’s been tremendously cathartic at a stressful time and offered an outlet for me to blather about non-baby-related things, I think we all need to remember just whose crazy toddler gymnastics (actually, more pro wrestling — she’s got a Rey Mysterio*-esque dropkick), goofball antics and extreme, turn-it-up-to-11 general awesomeness this blog was created to celebrate.

Sleepy Rocketship

Happy Birthday, my Sweet Sweet.  You are one of America’s foremost toddler citizens, and it’s a pleasure and an honor to be run ragged trailing after you.  And thank you for occasionally sleeping.

*It’s shocking that I know stuff about pro wrestling, isn’t it?  I’m always shocked.

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