Day Nineteen: And We’re Off!

Today is the day. Saturday, not Sunday. It’s 4 AM and I’ve been up for a while (insomnia, hooray!), but other than that bit of bad luck I feel pretty good about being ready. We’re nine-tenths packed, and I have about 4 hours worth of cleaning to do — which is a lot, but I don’t really mind it (so long as Husband keeps Badger entertained) and the flight isn’t till late.  The birthday “party”, such as it was, went well. I’m not freaking out. It’s a Christmas miracle!

I doubt I’ll be able to post tomorrow — our internet doesn’t get turned on until Monday.  I know you’re thinking, “why not use your phone?”, but I’m the last person on Earth who hasn’t got a smartphone.  I use burners (first definition; I don’t shoot people or go to Burning Man) in case the heat catches up with me.

Okay, the truth is I use them because I keep dropping them in the toilet.

Wait, what was I talking about?  Oh yeah, so I might not post tomorrow, but I will write and I’ll post two on Monday.  Unless I don’t write on Sunday and write two on Monday.  Or skip Sunday, and feel so bad about it that I skip Monday too and then the whole experiment ends.  One of those things.

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