Day “Twenty”: Insert Clever Post Title Here

So, I didn’t write anything yesterday. And I kept trying to get up the gumption to think of something to write about today, and came up empty.

The truth is, I’m exhausted. I was sort of subconsciously banking on just making it here, and now that I’m here my house that was in mothballs for a year is unspeakably filthy, freezing cold, has several serious (or at least irritating) problems and is not toddler-proofed. The flights were… unpleasant.  On top of that, it’s 6 days until Christmas. On top of that, I have even less help than usual as Long-Suffering-Husband crosses the country in the Volvo Cross Country (that’s the sort of cleverness I’m able to muster, that the car’s  name suits its purpose — aren’t I a… can’t think of the word, something clever) with all kinds of belongings I really thought I wouldn’t need for four days, but it turns out I really really do. Even my beloved washing machine (have I told you it beeps out a jaunty tune when it’s done?  It’s the best household appliance of all time) isn’t enough to raise my spirits.

Something has to give, and I’m afraid, my five dear readers, it’s you. Insert sad face here.  I’m calling it a break, and plan to be back sometime shortly after Christmas.  I hope you all have lovely holidays filled with light and magic and the spirit of the season, and not nearly as much dried cat vomit as mine.

Was that too far?  Sorry, I’m super tired.  I’ll see y’all soon.


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