My Little Swede

Badger and Daddy went into town this afternoon while Mommy had a much-needed veg out break. They returned at about 4:30 with -some babies who will not be named- asleep in the car seat.

As much as I try to take advantage of sleeping baby time I did NOT want a 4:30 nap tonight so I bit the bullet, hauled her out of her car seat and tried valiantly to wake her up — nothing doing. She may not like going to sleep but once she’s there, she’s in the zone.

So in desperation I hauled her out onto the deck, 42 degrees and face into 20 MPH winds and spitting rain, thinking she’d be FURIOUS but at least she’d be awake.  In 10 seconds she was wide awake and doing this:It's a Windy Day!

And a Rainy Day!
hey everybody, let's dance!
it's a party -- it doesn't have to make sense!

She then insisted that we stay outside for about half an hour in the freezing cold while she ran around hollering at the top of her lungs.  The Scandahoovian blood runs deep in this one.

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