Don’t Quit Your Day Job, Ma

Lately a few people have been complimenting me on some photos I’ve taken, and I’ve been thinking (daydreaming) about actually learning how a camera works and setting myself up as a professional child photographer, just to earn some extra money doing something fun.  I’ve also been poking around the yard, taking extreme closeups of flowers and bugs since my old camera didn’t do closeups well at all.

I took a picture of a ladybug this morning and thought Badger might want to look at it.  Her response:  “Nice choice, Mommy.  You took a picture of a ladybug, didn’t you?  Good job!”

I’ve just been patronized by a two year old.

Oh look, what a nice ladybug.

(I know I’m not Ansel Adams or anything, but I thought it was kind of nice.)


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