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She’s Crafty

(I want to know how Helen Killer comes up with her unbelievable puns for Regretsy.  I don’t think I’ve ever seen a dud.  And here I am with “She’s Crafty”.  Sigh.) Blow Painting — a good way to teach your … Continue reading

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Day Five: EVERY day? Even Saturdays?

Oh man, I really didn’t think this through.  There’s no way I can reliably write anything other than “I’m alive, I think” on weekends.  So here’s the plan: photos on Saturday and Sunday.  Until I come up with a better … Continue reading

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I am a Nerd, Part One of ∞: Postcrossing

I probably mentioned already that I’m a nerd — well, really more of a dork, since nerd implies a technological bent that I really don’t have.  I just like dopey things.  And not even canonical dopey things, like vampires* or … Continue reading

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OMG, why didn’t anyone tell me how much kids love stickers?  All day it’s “sickers, sickers, sickers, YAY!” around here. And if there’s one word I hear more than “sickers” it’s “sickertoe”, which means “I have a sticker stuck to … Continue reading

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Practically Instant Dairy-Free Edible Fingerpaint

So, I mentioned earlier that Badger and regular fingerpaint didn’t get along too well.  And I kept seeing recipes for edible fingerpaint on Pinterest, but they were all basically vanilla pudding with food coloring in them — no good for … Continue reading

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Creative Play

Someday soon I’ll write a post about my love/hate (awe/guilt is more accurate) relationship with some popular Montessori and ‘Creating With Kids’ blogs, but in their spirit I thought I’d share one of our latest “found object, multi-sensory, experiential play activities”: Preparing … Continue reading

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