My Crazy Ideas

This is a sort of holding place for things I don’t really want to blog about but still want to put out there (read: put on Pinterest and show those Pinners how clever I am).  I swear I’ll have better stuff soon, but for now, here’s my waterproof (maybe only resistant) Kindle case:

Waterproof Kindle Case

I realize I’m not the first person to ever think of putting a Kindle in a Ziploc bag, but I feel like my “customization” takes it to another level (snort).  I didn’t like how the Kindle slid around in the bag, making it hard to push the buttons.  I cut a Ziploc quart bag so that the Kindle is really snug inside it and sealed up the cut side with packing tape (I double-taped the bottom corner for extra protection).  I can’t swear this would work for reading your Kindle while scuba diving, but it’s pretty awesome for reading at the beach/ pool/kitchen table with a baby who may or may not fling oatmeal onto your Kindle.

I should also note that non-Ziploc-brand bags might not work as well — I know the store brand I usually use is too short.


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