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Blogs I Love — Dinner: A Love Story

In the age of RSS, it is really easy to follow blogs — paste the feed into Google Reader and hey presto.  In one way it’s wonderful; it makes it so much easier to follow those pages you gave up … Continue reading

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Our* Favorite Books

*I really mean “my”.  Badger loves almost any book you hand her — a couple of her current favorites are a Kai-Lan coloring book I bought in desperation on our travels and an old phone book.  I, however, am more … Continue reading

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Baby-Led Weaning Photo of the Week

Busy day today — finally restarting my engine after sitting shell-shocked for a while after the trip. But I thought I’d take a moment to share a baby-led weaning photo: That fork thing appears to have been a bit of … Continue reading

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What I Did in the Before Time

I am not a young mother — let’s leave it at that.  Badger is only 17 months old, and yet it somehow comes as a shock now to remember that there was a time — a long time — when … Continue reading

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My Baby The Rocket Scientist, Part 1

Since this blog is my repository for baby memories, occasionally I’ll have to post things that are really only of interest to me and Badger’s immediate family.  I will attempt to make these posts slightly more interesting to the world … Continue reading

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We’re Back!

So, remember how I said that if I had any great tips about flying solo with a toddler I’d pass them on? I have one: DON’T GO. I think it was just a “perfect storm” situation of Badger being just … Continue reading

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Well, That Was Terrible.

Why didn’t somebody tell me?? Vacationing — I’ve got to wring all the fun out of this week that I possibly can before I have to <shudder> do it all over.  Never again — next time it’s three butts in … Continue reading

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